It has been awhile since I posted anything new. For the most part this is the result of dial-up internet; the amount of time it takes me to upload anything at all has left me quivering with frustration or falling asleep on the keyboard. Since my head injury, however, I have more time to devote to non-physical, low-concentration activities. I can take a nap while photos upload or feed the chickens while I wait to connect to the internet. September may bring regular access to high speed, so I should be able to continue with shiny posts, full of things which inspire me, thoughts and ideas, and pictures my (and others) work. Until then, here is a bit of Europe from my travels in June. Amsterdam, London, the Orkneys and Nottingham…a whirlwind. Amsterdam was a completely new experience; assertive cyclists ruled the roads and I was on the receiving end of what I am sure were great Dutch curse words. In my defense, I have never ridden with so many people at once. I’m sure I would have gotten the hang of it eventually. The UK was refreshingly free of billboards – how I wish we would follow suit. The Tate was a treasure. The Underground was overwhelming. The Orkneys were stunning. The people were heart-warming. I hope you enjoy some of what caught my eye.

  • Lovely photos. I love how bright yellow goes with grey cement, I will archive that in my memory for later. Come over for cookies and hi-speed anytime. My modem is your modem baby.

  • bailey

    Oh how I miss you. The really big news–I am now a permanent resident of Canada as of 23 August 2011.

    Luv the pix-wanted to see you in one. I must travel! My fave is the Pata Negra. Had a giant salad at you know where this week.

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