bone stories I
cotton, linen, thread, batting, nails

I am working on textile pieces that developed from charting my anxieties and translating them into a Voronoi diagram. Often this work becomes a quilt of sorts, as I am interested in the contrast between the feelings of anxiety that I am documenting and the comfort of a quilt. This is my first amalgamation piece, overlapping my anxieties (depicted in grey fabric) with those of my mother (depicted in blue). I am drawing on ideas of epigenetics and intergenerational trauma, as well as the stories my mother told me, those she didn’t have to, and those she couldn’t. The overlapping anxieties are depicted in the shades of pink, indicating where we might heal shared trauma.
I paper piece the shapes and hand stitch them together, and then use the machine to quilt the layers. I often use natural dyes in my work, and this work includes indigo and iron dyed fabric.